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Fashion is our calling – your style is our standard- to enchant you with elegant, distinctive fashion is our commitment. The invaluable tradition of Grosscouture goes back a great many years.

We have chosen to follow that tradition.

Our vision is to build bridges. Bridges across generations. Bridges between tradition and contemporary Iifestyle.

Exclusivity, luxury and innovation are the first common denominators in our tireless search.

With our three floors directly at Zurich’s Paradeplatz,

we have all the top Iabels to offer you. We are proud to present you with fashion which lives up to the highest demands of luxury and Iifestyle.

We live fashion – for you.


Roberto & Corina Quaglia 

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Gian-Marco follows in the 4th generation into the family business. As a trained hotelier, with a feeling for fashion, style and trends, he is a host, which is indispensable for a fashion company in today's world. He knows how to convey the tradition and culture of our company to our customers. The men's department is his passion. The purchasing and the assortment design is his competence. Thanks to

Gian-Marco we are able to bring a new generation to GROSSCOUTURE. 


Learn more about our brands, the stories behind - our philosophy and the people around GROSSCOUTURE.


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